DoubleLine Deco Energy Efficient Traffic Control

       Welcome to Universal Traffic Controls. We are an online distributor of competitively priced transit and traffic equipment. Our products offer a level of performance and ease of use that is unparalleled in our field. Universal Traffic Controls products are made with the customer in mind from the very beginning due to a close synergistic relationship with our manufacturers. This is evident in our flagship product the Universal Barrier Operator. The Universal Barrier Operator is made from a lasting aluminum alloy housing, equipped with multiple safety lights, can quickly raise a barrier of up to 15 feet and can be equipped with a myriad of accessories. For additional information on the operator see the product description page.
       We understand that traffic control products undergo a level of abuse beyond the ordinary so we have incorporated durability into every facet of production. Our products also embrace simplicity wherever possible without compromising function. This allows our customers to feel confident in installation and maintenance of otherwise complicated electrical and mechanical systems.

Barrier Arm Barrier Arm at an Entrance
Division online
The Universal Barrier Operator and other Universal Traffic Controls products are available online from select authorized retailers.

Got questions? We've got the answers. Discuss the Universal Traffic Controls product line with one of our knowledgeable U.S. based experts. Contact us via e-mail or call us for further info.

As a provider of security and peace of mind, Universal Traffic Controls is concerned first and foremost about safety. Our Universal Barrier Operator and accessories are safe in structure, safe to use, and safe in function.

Universal Traffic Controls is an online distributor of competitively priced transit and traffic equipment. We believe that our dedication to offering quality alternatives to the unwarrantedly priced competitors is what keeps our customers coming back.


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