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        Universal Traffic Controls is an online distributor of competitively priced transit and traffic equipment. We believe that our dedication to offering quality alternatives to the unwarrantedly priced competitors is what keeps our customers coming back. Our products excel in both domestic and occupational settings because we embody the balance sought between functionality and design. We take pride in the fact that our products can serve their purpose while contributing to, rather than depreciating, their private or public surroundings. As an emerging business we have incorporated safety centered designs and customizable features into all that we have to offer, providing the customer a quality not found anywhere else.

        Universal Traffic Controls works directly with manufacturers to ensure overall quality of products, as well as to tailor-make equipment based on the needs and desires of our valued customers. One of our most trusted partners, the manufacturer of the Universal Barrier Operator, specializes specifically in traffic and parking related products such as garage door openers, road blockers, gate operators and automatic bollards. The company was founded in 1999 and through quality products at economic rates has grown into a large manufacturer with tangible prowess in it’s field. They are a company of around five hundred employees producing at quantities that rival any top competitor, while keeping production costs lower than that of large scale companies. This allows us to sell their products at costs convenient to you, the consumer. Their company has also earned the ISO 9001:2008 management certification, as all Universal Traffic Controls partners have. This means that they abide by an internationally recognized standard in quality control and management. They follow the business practices set forth by the International Organization for Standardization and have been certified as such. This provides anyone who purchases a product of theirs to take solace in the fact that it was made with quality policy in mind and that their company undergoes in constant coordination with the customer to meet their needs.

       Our exclusive flagship product, the Universal Barrier Operator, embodies everything that we as a company represent. It is made with safety and reliability in mind at all levels of production. Its durable aluminum alloy housing is rust proof and weather resistant. There are two light strips running down the chassis as well as a larger blinking light on top, all of which serve to bring attention to anyone entering or exiting your facility. It also ensures that other motorists will be aware of the vehicle when passing it, thus greatly reducing any risk of collision on the premises that employ the barrier operator. Besides safety and durability, Universal Traffic Controls also incorporates a variety of customizable features to allow the clients to tailor our products to their specific needs. This is reflected in the Universal Barrier Operator through the input terminals (located securely inside the chassis) for photocell, Airwave switch, loop detector, back-up battery (for DC Motor), toll gate system and output terminals for the primary lamp. There is also a multitude of other security oriented products that can be found on our Safety page, all of which are also compatible with the input terminals.

       Universal Traffic Controls strives to provide our customers with products that excel in their functions while maintaining a minimalist style of electrical and mechanical components. This balance between high operational standards and sleek simplistic design is what makes installation or maintenance so straightforward for our clients. Our high level of synergy with manufacturers allows us to provide input on the customers needs at the production level, generating products that perform everything that might be needed of them. This is why Universal Traffic Controls is the brand best suited for the prudent business or home owner.


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