DoubleLine Deco Safety

         As a provider of security and peace of mind, Universal Traffic Controls is concerned first and foremost about safety. Our Universal Barrier Operator and accessories are safe in structure, safe to use, and safe in function.

       Our Barrier Operator is manufactured under the standards set by the ISO 9000 and is certified under the ISO 9001:2008. The International Organization of Standardization, or ISO, uses the ISO 9000 family of standards to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, while at the same time meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product. As a result customers can be sure that the Universal Barrier Operator is therefore manufactured in a business that operates at high standards both in their practice and in quality of product. This ensures that the barrier operator is not only quality made but tailored for its customers needs. Our barrier is designed with safety in mind on the most fundamental level as well since it functions on a normally closed circuit. This is a more active means of operation, and ensures that the safety measures are more reliable than on a normally open circuit. These safety measure such as a key pad or photo eye surveillance system are necessary to further secure passage through the barrier to those who seek it. For instance, if a safety measure does not activate for any reason, the normally closed circuit design will stop the opener from operating. This keeps your facility and property safe by barring entrance until safety measures are operating again. Most other electric barrier operators function on a normally open circuit, which means the consumer does not know the safety device is not working properly until it is too late; the automatic gate opener will function without the safety measure in place, which could lead to disaster. We recognize that the risk is unacceptable, and we offer security products that are designed to reduce risk in every way possible.

         As mentioned in the product description the light strips along the front and back of the casing provide a constant source of illumination for near the barrier while the primary light on top blinks in coordination with the lowering or raising of the beam. This not only brings attention to anyone entering or exiting your facility but ensures that other motorists will be aware of the vehicle when passing it. As a safety function lights provide a constant reminder of the barrier’s presence and a safe well lit surrounding when a car slows down or comes to a stop to activate the barrier.

       For the physical safety of the customer our Universal Barrier Operator runs on a low voltage system, which makes installation and accessory installation more convenient and, more importantly, safer. Low voltage systems are safe enough for DIY installation which our barrier is specifically catered to, but they also make adjustments after installation safer. Adding accessories like intercoms, photo eyes, and remotes is made safer with the low voltage design. This is critically important seeing as the accessories available to the Universal Barrier Operator are arguably it’s greatest safety asset. The highest recommended safety products to use with the barrier are the Estate Swing 433Mhz Wireless 4-Channel Gate Opener Access Digital Keypad and the Estate Swing Wireless Safety Photo Eye (FT25B). Both the keypad and the photo eye provide the identification factor that allows you the owner of the barrier to regulate who in particular is allowed through. Other safety conscious products such as the Estate Swing remote transmitter and cell phone receiver (mentioned in greater detail in the product description) help regulate access to your facility less stringently than the photo eye, while still providing further peace of mind.

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