DoubleLine Deco Compatibility

         The Universal Barrier Operator is compatible with all Estate Swing accessories as well as almost all other gate accessories. The Estate Swing Gate Opener 4 Button Remote Transmitter 433 Mhz opener is compatible with the Universal Barrier Operator right out of the box, allowing you to make immediate use of your barrier. Other gate openers are of course compatible so long they are purchased with a compatible receiver. Another invaluable addition to your barrier is the Estate Swing GSM Unlimited Range Cell Phone Receiver (EST-64) which, as the name suggests, provides remote access to open your gate from up to 64 different cell or landline phone numbers from any distance. For exiting your premises quickly and automatically, we recommend the Estate Swing Automatic Exit Wand 100’ Lead (CP-3-100-5W) which can be placed farther away from the gate for quicker exits. It should also be noted that the Exit Wand is made to be placed near the entrance rather than buried underneath the road, which normally requires tearing up then repairing the driveway. For the security conscious consumer we recommend the Estate Swing 433Mhz Wireless 4-Channel Gate Opener Access Digital Keypad and the Estate Swing Wireless Safety Photo Eye (FT25B), both of which incorporate the valuable security feature of identification to the barrier owner. To ensure the lasting security of the barrier itself we recommend purchasing a surge protector with your other accessories. This compatibility with a multitude of Estate Swing products allows for detailed customization of your Universal Barrier Operator to fit any task required of it.

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